Whatever Happened to?: Carrie Hutton

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A couple nights a week, you'll find Carrie Hutton teaching exercise classes at the YMCA. She's been communications director at the Y in Wausau and Weston for six years now.

The journey to that career included a stop at NewsChannel 7. Carrie came to WSAW in 2003 and did whatever we needed her to do.

"I came on board as a 5 o'clock anchor producer, I did a lot of reporting, I did kind of a utility player. I did some noon newscasts, ended up on weekend newscasts, filling in 6 and 10. A little of everything," says Carrie.

During her time here, the biggest story she remembers is one that shook Wausau to its core. When an arsonist was on the lose, burning down garages which he had burglarized. Eventually he murdered a woman who caught him in the act.

But covering tough stories is just part of it. The heartwarming friendships that grew are a much better memory, "everybody really was like a family helping each other. Helping each other in small market TV, you just pitch in and you get your stories done kind of together."

After leaving NewsChannel 7 in 2006, Carrie went to the Wausau Daily Herald. A few years later, she saw the job opening at the Y.

"Had it been any other place, I might not have made the move but was just exactly what I was looking for, being a mom with toddlers," says Carrie.

Those toddlers, Livia and Helen are now eight and ten years old and the job at the Y is perfect for an active young family.

"I can't really imagine another company or business that would exactly be that same fit, so I'm happy to like be here."

Carrie's TV career also included stops in Maine and Minnesota before coming to Wausau. She's originally from Appleton.