What Ever Happened To...: Emily Skye

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- If you base it on the number of calls and emails we still get asking about her, Meteorologist Emily Skye was very popular.

And as much as we wish she could have stayed with us, there's one thing we can't compete with-- going home.

"I started working at NewsChannel 7 in June of 2017 and I left in April of 2019,” she said.

She started at NewsChannel 7 straight out of college and it was her first taste of the real world.

“When I went to school at Michigan, I lived with seven other girls and then I moved to Wausau, Wisconsin and it was my first time living alone,” she explained.

The morning show shift is essentially a graveyard shift, the day comes to an end after the morning show is over.

“My alarm went off at 2 a.m. every morning…”

But the shift that vampires would love was softened by the fact Emily calls herself a morning person. And by the closeness she developed with the rest of the morning show crew.

"Sean and Kassandra. We all got super close and of course the people in the control room in the back, Allison our producer, Nate and Andrew who were our directors at the time. We had so much fun together."

As you might guess her most vivid professional memory of her time here is weather related.

"February of 2019. Because it was the snowiest month that we had on record,” she recalled.

Another great memory is just the opposite of a Wisconsin February. Hosting a holiday vacations trip for the station to Hawaii.

From NewsChannel 7, Emily moved to WOOD TV 8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s the TV station she grew up watching. And she now lives a half hour away from her parents.

“It's really nice being back home. I'm really enjoying spending more time with family and yea, it's just a dream come true to be back here."

As for the future, Emily says she's a bit torn. She loves working in her home TV market,
but would also love to see how far up the TV ladder she could climb.