Wet weather delays harvest season for farmers

Published: Oct. 5, 2018 at 5:51 PM CDT
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“As a farmer you sort of get one chance to harvest your own crop,” says Mystic Valley Dairy Farmer Mitch Breunig. “If you don't do it correctly, it sort of affects you for the rest of the year.”

Breunig says in spite of a tough farming season, he’s trying to be optimistic.

“You always say ‘make hay the sun shines,’” he jokes. “I guess now it's ‘make corn and soybean when the sun shines’.

He had to delay his feed corn and soybean harvest due to saturated soil and wet seeds in addition to forecasted rainfall.

“We get large rains and it gets everything wet and about the time it gets dried out and ready to go again,” says Breunig. “If you don't go, the next day it's raining again.

Soybeans in particular are tricky to harvest.

“If it gets too dry and then gets really wet again, the soybeans can actually start to sprout and grow again,” he adds. “That’s not cool.”

Shawn Conley, University of Wisconsin Agriculture Associate Professor, says this season is tough.

“It's really not a good place for farmers to be in this fall, this harvest of 2018,” Conley says

Conley believes the early predictions for crops this harvest season are not as promising as what was expected.

“The weather forecast for the next ten days looks like we probably won’t be harvesting for ten days,” he explains. “That’s really going to wreak some havoc and not just for this year.”

The only thing farmers can do now is wait out the weather.

“If it’s really muddy and wet, we’re not doing anything except maybe going to the Badger game,” says Breunig.