Weather Authority: Wintry weather possible this weekend

WSAW Weather

Tomorrow we will see more cloud coverage than what we have seen all week. This could bring a rain shower in the afternoon and evening hours as well. We will continue to see rain showers overnight Thursday night and throughout much of the day on Friday as well. In this time period, we could be seeing around an inch or so of rain. Temperatures will start out Friday morning in the upper 50s and low 60s, but that's all the warmth we will see for some time. Temps will continue to drop throughout the day Friday, bringing us down to the mid 40s by sunset. Temperatures will continue falling overnight Friday night, which could in turn change the rain showers into snow showers. Thankfully by this point, most of the precipitation will have left our area. We will however still have a good chance to see some off and on snow and rain showers throughout much of the day Saturday and Sunday. The latest models are indicating light snowfall totals in the area. The GFS is one of our more aggresive models right now, and that is showing around 2 inches for some spots in the northwoods, with central Wisconsin being limited to an inch or less. That is how much snow could potentially fall out of the sky. In terms of what will be sticking to the ground, we will not see too much due to very warm ground temperatures. By the end of the weekend, there could be slushy light accumulation for areas in the northwoods. This could cause travel issues for some communities north of HWY29. Other models like the EURO are showing around a half an inch or less in the northwoods. with the same factors in play in terms of very warm ground temperatures, that would equate to snowflakes falling, but not sticking to the ground. This will mainly be a rain event for the weekend, but as we continue to see cooler temperatures, there could be the transition to snow. Temperatures look to fall to near-freezing temperatures, but if we begin trending towards slightly warmer temperatures over the next few days, snowfall will be greatly limited. This is just a preliminary look at the storm ahead, and the forecast is expected to change over the next few days. Stay tuned right here or on channel 7 to get all of the latest updates regarding this weekend's storm.