Weather Authority: Showers possible this afternoon and tomorrow

Temperatures return back to the low to mid 70s for most spots today. In central Wisconsin we will be seeing a mix of clouds and sunshine. A bit more afternoon cloud coverage will likely move through, and that is when we could see a few showers developing, especially north of 29. The northwoods could see a few showers in the afternoon, but the rain will likely remain on the lighter side. This will also not be a washout day for areas in the northwoods. The few showers that develop will have break periods so much of the day will still remain dry. Tomorrow we are looking at a very similar day with the chance to see an isolated shower or two in the northwoods, but tomorrow the chance to see those showers is significantly less than today as of right now. All week temperatures look to remain in the low 70s, but we have warmer temperatures in the forecast by the time we reach the weekend.