'We are 1' event brings Wausau students together

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- In the past 10 years, Wausau East has seen an increase in diversity among students, and because of those rising numbers, teachers brought back a togetherness program that they used four years ago to promote unity in the school.

The program is called, 'We are 1,' and last year's Wausau East seniors were the last ones to experience it. That's why teachers thought it was time to bring it back.

The idea is to promote tolerance, and togetherness throughout the school community and show kids that they're more alike, then they are different.

Students filed into the cafeteria for lunch on Thursday and were greeted with quite the surprise, as music filled the room and sweet treats were handed out to promote the "We are 1," message.

The school said they hadn't seen any diversity issues recently, but getting the message of being kind to one another across is still an important task.

"This is every bodies school regardless of who your parents are, or where you live," explained Wausau East teacher Christy Powell.

Students got to write messages on hand prints to mention how they hope to help bring unity to their school district. Those hand prints will be hung up in the cafeteria.

"I hope it just shows everyone how to just have fun with one another," said one senior Benna Stengel. "And it's not supposed to be intimidating or make people feel nervous about being together, it's just supposed to be fun."

Teachers worked together to teach students to embrace their diversities through the power of song and dance, and that allowed students to come together as one.

"Music is a great unifier and that was proven today," said Powell.

The event left endless smiles on students faces, and left Wausau East a welcoming place for every student.

The school hopes to try to coordinate a 'We Are 1' event once a month from now on.