Wausau's new inclusivity committee down to four members

Published: May. 13, 2019 at 11:24 AM CDT
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From seven members to four, Mayor Robert Mielke's new Welcoming and Inclusivity Committee is now almost half of the original lineup, after just one meeting held.

Mielke told NewsChannel 7 on Monday that Fong Moua had to return to school, while David Deon Stuart had to resign. Stuart was a contested member of the committee from early on after questions were raised about a criminal past.

Tony Gonzalez told NewsChannel 7 he was stepping down due to time constraints.

“Because I have a young child my time is very limited and other personal issues that I have to tend to won’t allow me at this time," he wrote. "But I wish the commission the best of luck and hope that partnerships are forged with One Wausau.”

Mielke said he has four members in mind that he hopes city council will approve. When asked whether Mary Thao, a Hmong member of council, was asked to join the committee, Mielke said she had not been requested. Currently, none of the members of the committee are minorities.

Thao raised questions about the committee when it was first approved by council last month.

The committee now consists of Alderperson Tom Neal, Blake Opal-Wahoske, Paige Heinrich and Tom Rau.