Wausau woman earns 19th pink Cadillac

Published: Oct. 7, 2016 at 5:03 PM CDT
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A Wasuau woman took home her nineteenth pink Cadillac car as part of the Mary Kay’s incentive reward program.

Linda Bergerson began her Mary Kay business as a consultant in 1983, while working as a school teacher.

In 1986, she became a Sales Director, and quit teaching to sell Mary Kay full time.

Bergerson told NewsChannel 7 Friday that she often gets looks when she takes her car out for a drive.

"You go to a 4 way stop sign and people stop and look at you a little bit longer and say, ‘is that really pink?’"

Even though she’s earned 19 cars, she only has three of the pink Cadillac's in her driveway now.

The company uses a lease program so consultants can turn over the keys or buy out the lease to keep the car.

Since the incentive program’s inception in 1969, more than 144,000 have qualified to earn the use of a car.

Of the 6,032 Mary Kay cars on the road now, 1,318 of those cars are the pink Cadillac.