Wausau residents catching up with Tuesday's snowfall

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- Snow is piling up all over Wausau, as homeowners and businesses try to catch-up with Tuesday’s storm.

Even people that enjoy the snow were not ready for the nearly 16 inches that fell on Tuesday.

"Yesterday was just like a snow globe, saw nothing but snow all day long--almost like a whiteout," La Prima Employee Kathy Evans said.

For businesses and homes alike, the effort to remove the snow looked the same for everybody.

"We do some of the smaller things from the sidewalks to the dumpsters, anyplace we have to get to. Sidewalks to the vehicles so we can safely get our caterings out," Evans added.

But it's not just removing the snowfall that's the problem; it's where to put it.

"Just about anywhere that we can," Evans explained. "Just to pile in the little median strip of the sidewalk, which gets higher and higher. Off to the side as close to the building as possible down in the alley. But everything was having to go higher rather than wider. So we got some pretty tall piles out there right now."

For some of the homeowners who already have plowed their sidewalks and driveways but still have snow in their yards, one option is to just let nature take its course.

“I’m going to wait till summer,” Marathon County resident Patty Kennedy said.