Wausau man reaches 80K miles on bike by 80th birthday

Published: Jul. 18, 2019 at 10:54 PM CDT
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"I'm delighted, I'm still 20."

Tom Schindler may be a bit past 20, but that's given him time to speed towards an incredible accomplishment. As he celebrates his 80th birthday Friday, he recently surpassed 80,000 miles biking in his lifetime.

"Biking is just such a good, healthy, clean sport as far as I'm concerned," Schindler explained.

Backing up just a bit, Schindler caught the biking bug early in his life.

"I have a sister who had a bike, this goes way back,” says Schindler. “She allowed me to ride her bike, and from there on I was hooked."

The retired English Teacher from Wausau West began cycling seriously in the 1970s, and has logged all of his mileage by hand since then.

"There was a good group of biking guys and some ladies. So I got going with that and got a lot of miles in."

Schindler has been on a 1,000 mile a year pace for decades. And as he reaches a birthday that may be scary for some, he has advice for anyone of any age.

“Bike, find somebody else you know who bikes, and they can help you. Most bikers are eager to help somebody and to teach them in a sense if they’re willing, and there are a lot of other things you can learn.”