After crews in Wausau pick up your leaves, where do they go?

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- After leaf cleanup throughout Wausau, the city then looks to use the shrubbery in a renewable way.

“It’s much more beneficial to the environment that we use that material and bring that back into leaf compost," said Wausau Public Works Superintendent Ric Mohelnitzky.

When most cities dump their fallen leaves into a landfill, the city of Wausau partners with a local company for a more efficient option.

"Well, we're getting leaves from the city of Wausau, either bulk in their dump trucks or this time of the year, they're actually bailing downtown, throughout the entire city of Wausau,” said Olson Paving Marketing Manager Teri Thirion.

After the leaves are dropped off, they go through a rigorous process to become compost.

"We're totally recycling, we're a green company. We're taking grass and leaves. From there it's almost a two-year process," Thirion added.

After the compost is ready, local farmers and homeowners use the very leaves they turned in.

"People are coming and buying it for the gardens and also for their lawns. And farmers are buying straight compost for their fields," Thirion mentioned.

So, for the homeowners that are complaining about the leaves they're raking now, those leaves can really pay off in a few months.

"This is a totally reusable product, turning into nutrients. For people to grow a beautiful lawn and incredible garden," Thirion said.