Video of Wausau airport skater gets thousands of hits online

Published: Jan. 17, 2017 at 11:07 PM CST
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As the Downtown Wausau Aiport crew mopped up it's slick runway after Monday's ice storm, one employee embraced the ice by lacing up his skates.

The airport is reserved for private planes, but Monday it became flight instructor Steve Gering's private arena. He put on his hockey skates and glided up and down the ice-covered runway, while his boss took a video on his phone.

"I gave it a shot and it worked way better than I thought it was going to," Gering said. He just happened to bring his skates to work with him Monday, and by Tuesday night, the video had more than 13,000 views.

"It got way more attention than I thought it would," Gering said. "Someone ic skating on an airport. That's different."

Different for some, but not for a Wausau native. "I see bad weather and I'm like, 'huh! Maybe I can have a little fun with this."

Gering said he played hockey most of his life. He had the skates on hand at work that day so he could referee a high school game. Watch the viral video above.