Wausau School District Board brings up contingency plan for the Fall semester

Wausau School District. 6-8-20.
Wausau School District. 6-8-20.(WSAW)
Published: Jun. 8, 2020 at 9:34 PM CDT
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The Wausau School District board started with about 15 different options. Now, they have it down to three separate options that are still being worked on and adjusted.

"The primary plan is to open schools fully. We felt it was responsible on our part to have a back up plan," said Wausau School District superintendent Dr. Keith Hilts.

The first plan splits students in half, or thirds. Students will come into the school on their designated day or days.

"Students get contact with teachers every week," said Hilts. "That's probably the main goal, and then of course, being able to have that opportunity to clean in between the two groups of students."

Option B splits students up by weeks.

"If students come to school for 4 or 5 days in a row, we feel that the learning is more consistent," said Hilts. "They can get deeper into the content. It would be more of a consistent feel."

The final option would continue with digital learning. The school would be used as a learning resource hub where students could schedule individual meetings with their teacher.

"That option could be used two ways," said Hilts. "One, we really can't get kids to school, and we would just try to keep those courses that absolutely have to have hands-on work, keep those going. We could also use it as a supplement to either option A or B."

The set plan doesn't have to be voted on by the board until July 8, so concerns that are brought up can still be considered and added to the proposal.

"Frankly one of our biggest concerns is the families," said Hilts. "We've seen in this spring how difficult it is for families to support their child's learning at home."

Another concern the board brought up is how this affects the parents daycare schedule. Wausau School District president Tricia Zunker also wanted to make sure that there isn't an extra workload added to the teachers.

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