Wausau SROs and therapy dogs offer assistance to Barron students

BARRON, Wis. (WSAW) -- The Wausau Police Department is providing resources to the Barron School District to help comfort students following the news Jayme Closs was found after allegedly escaping a captor nearly three months after she was last seen.

Two therapy dogs, Badge and Theo, their handlers and the department's mental health therapist spent the day in Barron on Friday.

Mental health therapist Kristen Seidler said the dogs help put everyone at ease.

"Therapy dogs kind of bring a calmness," Seidler said.

She said with all the news it's easy for students to feel fearful and overwhelmed.

Wausau School Resource Officer Nick Stetzer said his therapy dog, Badge greeted students in the library. He said the Wausau Police Department is grateful to be able to offer support to Barron.

“All the staff members have been doing everything they can to make sure their students are taken care of. So it’s just one thing we can do to provide relief and comfort,” Stetzer explained.

"When these gorgeous critters got here, it was just magic," explained Barron School Administrator Diane Tremblay. "I'm a believer in these therapy dogs. It's just been wonderful and we're so thankful".

Officer Stetzer and Badge also visited the Barron School District just after the deaths of James and Denise Closs.

During a press conference Friday morning, Barron Area School District Tremblay thanked Wausau Police for their assistance.