WEB EXTRA: Veteran and guardian share experience on 23rd Never Forgotten Honor Flight

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WSAW) -- It was a long day for the 23rd Never Forgotten Honor Flight. It was filled with emotion, but also a lot of joy.

The stops included the seeing the memorials of Vietnam, Korea, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, World War Two, Air Force and Iwo Jima. The group also had a bus tour around the Pentagon, White House and Washington Monument.

Kenneth Josephson is a Korea Veteran from Marshfield who served in the Army.

"It's been the most beautiful, wonderful experience I've ever had, period. It's remarkable, very good. Being in Wisconsin, we don't have a chance to see this every day, and this is really nice," Josephson said.

"All of the memorials that they have here. Every brach of the service, they have memorials. This is remarkable," Josephson added. "And they're well attended."

Paula Barnes is one of 64 guardians s on the latest flight. She said it was her father who made her want to join.

"It is an honor. My dad who is deceased served in World War Two, very proud of him being a veteran and he didn't get a chance to," Barnes said. "So I signed up and I'm here being a guardian for Ken, and I have my dad in my heart and spirit and making sure he knew that this trip's for him."

"The people of Washington D.C. have just been, that's what amazes me too. They've been gracious just walking up to veterans and shaking their hands.and just treating us very well," added Barnes.