Virtual Blue Ox Music Festival begins

Published: Jun. 12, 2020 at 3:55 PM CDT
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Americana, folk, and bluegrass music have filled the Chippewa Valley the past five summers, but 2020's installment of the Blue Ox Music Festival will first be in virtual form.

“We've already been set up to do this, and it's something we have done for the last four years, it seemed like a natural transition really,” says Mark Bischel, festival organizer.

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing mass gatherings - including in-person music festivals - to a halt, that isn't stopping Blue Ox organizers from sharing their love for live music.

“We've got some of the local and regional bands coming onsite to play sets of live music that will be broadcast and then we've got some of our other artists from Nashville and across the country that are actually performing sets from their hometowns as well, so we're kind of putting all that together and giving a small version of what this festival would be, and it can be enjoyed safely from the comfort of your own home,” says Bischel.

Bischel says performers are excited to participate.

“Largely they've been excited to be able to play to an audience, because a lot of those opportunities have disappeared for them.”

The in-person version of the 2020 Blue Ox Festival isn't canceled - just delayed. Plans are still in the works, but it’s currently scheduled August 27th through the 29th at their event site on County Road EE, just west of Eau Claire.

To find the virtual Blue Ox Music Festival, links can be found