Vince Biegel donates jerseys to "Wheels for Traeh" fundraiser

Published: May. 14, 2020 at 7:06 PM CDT
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Traeh Paulin has been a miracle since birth. Even the two holes that she had in her heart at birth became her namesake.

"Yeah Traeh and Nevaeh, that what her name became. So her name is heart spelled backward and it's perfect," Traeh's mom Rhonda Sanders said.

Traeh's largest obstacle right now is mobility.

"She's got AFO's and braces for her feet, and special shoes that help her with walking. Most of the time she's basically in a wheelchair and we have to take the wheelchair with us," Sanders added.

Rhonda does not have a handicapable car, so it's very tough to take Traeh with her when she leaves the house. So a family friend started a GoFundMe to help raise funds for the vehicle. News of the fundraiser eventually made it to Sarah and Vince Biegel who wanted to help the best way they could.

"Traeh's story really touched my heart because just a lot of people that I know personally struggle with the same issues," Sarah Biegel said.

The Biegel's have put up two of Vince's Jerseys as a fundraiser. Every $25 that people donate, gives their name a place in a raffle to be chosen in two weeks.

"We've had strong support from Miami fans that wanted to be able to contribute. So we thought it'd be only right to donate a Miami Dolphins Jersey and of course a Green Bay Packers Jersey. So there'll be two winners to help support Traeh and her cause," Vince explained.

Rhonda says that the donations are a big blessing to their family.

"I can't wait to take her places and go places with her. I want to be able to bring her places and get memories, you know build memories with her," Sanders stated.

The Biegel's have a goal of $2,000 on their GoFundMe but are hoping to surpass that. They will be taking donations until May 27th. You can find the link


For more information about Traeh and other ways to donate, click


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