Video of Idaho farmers coming together to save potato crop goes viral

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HAMER, Idaho (CBS2) — Idaho farmers have been scrambling this week. An early taste of winter has brought snow and freezing temperatures to many parts of Idaho. And that's left many trying to find enough hours in the day to harvest their crops. On Wednesday, a farmer near the small community of Hamer, about 32 miles north of Idaho Falls, had potatoes still in the ground and the hard freeze coming.

Word spread of the farmer's predicament, and soon farmers and others in the area grabbed their equipment and headed to the property to help.

Jason Larson was one of many wanting to help. While heading to the farm, he took a quick video of the convoy.

"It was just kind of neat to see everyone help," Larson told CBS 2. "It was pretty cool to help someone in need. There were multiple farmers."
And it was a good thing they showed up. Temperatures would hit 12 degrees overnight.

"They got it all harvested by about 8 p.m.," Larson said.
Larson posted the video on his Facebook, titled it "Meanwhile in Idaho" and it's quickly gone viral.

"I'm shocked," he said of the views. "It was just a simple little fun moment in time. It shows how people want to see good things."