UWSP students finish moving out of residence halls early

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point students will finish moving out of the residence halls this Saturday.

While the move out process usually only takes a weekend, move out was spread across 10 days starting on March 19th. To make sure contact would be limited, only 10 students were allowed to move out of any one residence hall at a time. Students were asked to limit themselves to one or two guests to help move out, and sign up for a two hour time slot online. Returned keys and other items were also left in envelopes to limit contact between staff and students.

Overall both staff and students said they were sad to see the campus so empty but are hopeful they will be back in the spring.

“It’s just kind of putting a damper on the end of the year. But luckily for kids like me who are only freshmen, sophomores, juniors, we do get to come back,” Anna Pistone a sophomore at the university said.

I's hard, you know, knowing that the students aren't going to have that true campus life the rest of this semester. We're going to miss seeing them on campus,” the Daniella Rosene the Residential Living Marketing and Event Coordinator said.

Troy Seppelt the Dean of Students said the university will be letting certain students will stay on campus the rest of the semester due to academic or family reasons to help make sure they can have a success rest of the year.

“If the students say to us, I can’t be a student if I need to leave, amen. You are our student stay with us. Let us help you be connected to your academics,” Seppelt said.

Those students will have access to dining halls and will be following both CDC and university guidelines to stay safe.

Online courses will start up for all students on Monday.