UWSP holds try outs for esports team

Published: Nov. 16, 2019 at 5:19 PM CST
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Dozens of students went to tryouts Saturday for the newly-formed UW-Stevens Point esports team. Online gaming is gaining popularity as a way to connect people as a team in real life.

Students of UWSP along with a large group of SPASH students tried out to be on the university's first dedicated esports team. They played League of Legends and Rocket League.

"Our vision includes having fun, building a good team, promoting positive sportsmanship and being a diverse and inclusive team," said Kym Buchanan, the team’s faculty advisor.

They're hoping to recruit five members and several alternates from Saturday’s crowd with the esports community seeing lots of growth.

"It's helped me make connections on campus, and off campus, I've created connections with high schoolers, I've created connections with other universities in the state," Dylon Lyons, the team’s founder.

Lyons says he has applied his business major to this.

"Management is a big part of esports. to manage the team, manage all of the team's supporters, so there's a big part of management in esports," said Lyons.

With more people finding celebrity playing esports, it could be pretty lucrative.

"There's large cash prizes, there's bragging rights, there's sponsorship opportunities that come along with being a champion," Buchanan.

Their goal is to be able to travel and compete with other schools' teams as this kind of gaming continues to grow.

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