UW researchers develop dairy products with longer shelf life

Published: Apr. 26, 2019 at 3:14 PM CDT
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The Center for Dairy Research at the University of Wisconsin has spent nearly a decade developing dairy products that have an extended shelf life.

“These kinds of products could last for months and months,” said John Lucey, the Director of the Center for Dairy Research.

He says they are researching products beyond your standard gallon of milk.

“Some of the common features among these products is that they are shelf stable, which means they don’t need refrigeration,” said Lucey.

He says the process entails heating the milk to a certain temperature and putting the liquid into a sterile package.

“The combination of heating it to a high enough temperature and then also packaging it sterile allows you to know that it’s safe,” he said.

The Center for Dairy Research recently received funding from the Wisconsin Economic Development Core and Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin to build a Beverage Innovation Center on UW’s Campus.

“This new grant will allow us to have the equipment in our building to allow us to do these kinds of products,” Lucey added.

Some of the products include sports recovery drinks, called Badger Max, already in use by UW athletics.

Lucey says the main goal of this research is to stimulate the struggling dairy market and find another form of revenue for dairy farmers.

“The hope is here is that this will get more returns back to farmers by having something that provides value more than just the regular gallon jug of milk,” said Lucey.