USDA: Corn harvest second slowest on record

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 7:38 PM CST
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According to the USDA, the corn harvest for this year is the second slowest on record. Experts say thanks to the cold, rain and snow, farmers have had a difficult time getting the crops out of the fields of this fall.

“This year has been crazy as far as moisture is concerned,” said Craig Vitort who is the owner of Vitort Farms in Central Wisconsin. “We got way more rain than we are used too.”

This year, farmers had very few days with suitable weather for fieldwork. Corn harvest is 22 days behind compared to last year. Soybeans are roughly 19 days behind.

“If we get any more snow it could be really bad for farmers who still have their crop in the ground,” added Vitort. “I also talked to guys in Nebraska and they are also very behind in harvest. It’s happening everywhere.”

Corn harvest has not been this behind in schedule since December of 2009.

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