UPDATE: Stevens Point Police Chief's suspension extended pending fitness test results

Published: Apr. 10, 2020 at 1:24 PM CDT
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Stevens Point Police Chief Martin Skibba will not return to work Friday as scheduled.

The Stevens Point Police and Fire Commission met on Friday morning and announced that Chief Skibba was directed not to report to work pending completion of a Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation ordered by the commission.

Chief Skibba was suspended for 15-days without pay for a violation of department rules. The suspension was the result of an investigative report which indicated that Chief Skibba drank alcohol during the regular workday and had open liquor bottles in his police car.

According to the Disciplinary Order from the Stevens Point Police and Fire Commission, he'll be required to comply with counseling services and provide a medical report of his suitability to return to work before resuming his duties as police chief. He'll also have to be subject to random Preliminary Breath Testing for 90 days after he comes back to work.

According to a news release, Chief Skibba indicated that he has experienced some personal issues including the death of his parents which influenced his behavior on this occasion.

"While I recognize this as a poor decision, it has not changed my dedication and commitment of 29 years to the community I grew up in," Skibba stated. "I recognize the importance of self-care in situations like this, and regret not demonstrating it for myself that day. "

The commission will meet again after receiving the Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation and follow the appropriate procedures required for discipline of a police department member.