Two business owners 'rose' to the occasion

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- Two friends are drawing inspiration after seeing how many flowers are being thrown away in countries like Belgium and the Netherlands.

Fawn Mueller finishes adding flowers to the 400 Block. (WSAW Photo)

They're putting flowers here to good use.

"We love the 400 block and have to do something cheerful," said Fawn Mueller.

Mueller is the owner of Inspired by Nature Floral Design.

"Flower shops are non-essential. It breaks my heart to say that, that we're non-essential but we are," said Mueller. "I'm turning my cooler off we're done."

With her newfound time, and flowers donated by Krueger Floral, Mueller is using her talents to brighten up the 400 block.

"I can not bring to nursing homes. I can not bring these to hospitals. The people at church I'm not supposed to see. So, here we are."

"The whole goal here is to bring hope and solidarity and a promise of something better to the community," added Natashia Laughnan, owner of Natashia Nicole Photography.

Friend and photographer Laughnan is capturing these moments. Two entrepreneurs, uniting, at a time when we all need it.

"A lot of people have stopped and looked at the flowers and smelled the flowers," said Laughnan.

"I saw a few people smile today, so that made me smile," Mueller said with a smile.

"#FlowerBombWausau. Spread it around," added Laughnan.

A couple of local businesses giving making good in a bad time.

Tomorrow, Fawn and Natashia will take down the flowers and re-purpose them as sunshine bouquets. They'll leave them laying outside of businesses still open--free to take.

As Fawn puts it, it will be like Wausau Rocks, but with flowers.