UPDATE: Towing ban keeps tow truck drivers, law enforcement safer

MARATHON COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) -- A tow ban has been lifted in Marathon County. Sunday's order meant no cars could be towed out of the ditch unless approved by the sheriff's department.

A tow truck assists at the scene of an accident on Highway 51 Sunday (WSAW Photo).

Local towing company Joe Rader Towing says, if you do see a crash scene with first responders and tows, it's crucial to move over a lane and slow down.

"We're on the side of the road trying to do our job, and they're not slowing down at all, so it's a big safety concern," said Joe Rader.

The sheriff's department issues a towing ban to companies like Joe Rader towing for the safety of tow truck drivers.

"The cars that are not blocking traffic will remain in the ditch until Marathon County deems it safe for us and them to be out on the roads," he said.

It's only lifted once law enforcement decides it is safe again.

"It's so much safer with the tow ban, to let us do our job in a timely fashion, when the snow isn't blowing so hard," he said.

Rader says the most important thing drivers need to do is move over and slow down when approaching the scene of an accident.

"The biggest thing is people not paying attention, inattentive driving, is the biggest thing, and speed, obviously,” he said, noting that distractions like a phone often cause unsafe driving.

Once that towing ban is lifted, the sheriff’s department will have a list of cars that need to be pulled out, and they’ll let Joe Rader know so they can get to work.