YOUR TOWN: Toddlers learn STEM at Central Wisconsin Children's Museum

Published: Dec. 6, 2017 at 11:32 PM CST
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The Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum has classes specifically designed to make science fun.

One program that started in 2017 is called ‘STEM Sprouts’ and while kids might think they’re playing, they’re actually learning things that will help them once they’re old enough to go to school.

NewsChannel 7 joined a STEM Sprouts class as they made slime with shaving cream.

"We're learning about matter, about different states of matter, solids liquids and gases,” said instructor Tanya White. In this case, they are using the bubbles in the shaving cream to learn about gas.

"It's fun, and that's what they see and that's what we want them to know. It's fun, and the word science is not a scary word,” White said.

The class is designed for parents to participate with their children. It was started as the museum expanded its early childhood education programs and is supposed to make science more approachable.

"We found that instilling these science and art and mathematics concepts can definitely help children and it was definitely a gap we could fill,” said Interim Executive Director Sandy Williams.

The class is scheduled one moth at a time since it relies on donations. Once the instructors get crafty with the donations, then the little ones can learn about the great big world.

"Sprouts are just catching out of the buds and just starting to grow, and that's what we're doing here, we're trying to teach our little ones,” White said.

That way, new ideas can sprout from little imaginations.

Central Wisconsin Children's Museum is located at 1100 Main St. in Stevens Point.

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