Tips to keep pests out of the house as the weather gets colder

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- As the weather gets colder, pests look for new homes to stay warm. Thankfully there are many easy ways to prep your house before calling for professional help. Jeff Knispel with Marathon Pest control said the number one way to keep animals out of the house is to eliminate hiding spots. Keeping leaves, wood piles and plants off the house is important. These piles can serve as the perfect warm spots for animals to keep safe in and eventually work their way into the house.

A bunny statue in a cluttered yard that could attract pests during the winter on Oct. 8, 2019. (Photo WSAW)

"Underneath the leaf pile is just a perfect place for them to hide from predators. You keep it close to the house where it blows up against the house, well they're going to congregate there because no matter how well you have it insulated there will be slight heat off of that and it's warmer than just five feet away,” Knispel said.

When setting up traps Knispel said to lay them against the house as mice like to run along walls. Asian lady beetles come about when frost hits the ground. To keep them out of the house, Knispel said to patch d make sure that doors and windows close tightly. Finally, Knispel said simple maintenance can go a long way, make sure to patch holes and keep leaves out of the yard for a pest free winter.