Three local athletes sign to play collegiate athletics

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- We'll start with the earliest signing of the day. Spencer's Logan Zschernitz is heading to Northern Illinois. he is a Newschannel 7 All-Star on both the offensive line and defensive line. The Huskies will keep him on the offensive side of the ball.

"When we went out to Northern Illinois for a camp, it was a really hot day," said Zschernitz. "We had a morning part, we had a lunch and we had a second part. Coach Tripodi kept pushing us through it and pushing us, and I really liked how he coached me, and how he got us all going, so like two days later, I’m just like ‘I really like this guy. I want go out there and play for him.’"

Out in Stevens Point, Jack Kelly led the panthers in rushing with 821 yards. He was also a Newschannel 7 All-Star as a linebacker. He'll be taking his talents to Illinois State University where the Redbirds want him to play fullback.

"I think the coaches and the players and the fans also just being really energetic during the game," said Kelly. "Having a really good vibe on gameday. I like to think I’m a competitive guy. I want to play where there’s going to be the best competition, so that’s definitely something I looked at."

Finally, we'll travel to Port Edwards where Jade Martin signed to run track at Upper Iowa University. The Peacocks added the first ever NCAA scholarship athlete in Port Edwards athletics history.

“I knew we had talented athletes before me, but they went Division III or decided athletics was not what they wanted to do anymore, and so I was really excited, and so I knew my school would be behind my back and do something really cool," said Martin. "(They would) show the rest of the school what they can do to somewhere they want to go in college.”

Congratulations to all three athletes on their future endeavors.