Thousands remain without power as neighbors help neighbors in Portage County

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PORTAGE COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) -- Portage County was one of the hardest hit during this past weekend's storms. As people continue to clean up, crews are working to get power back to thousands.

Plover was one the communities in the county that saw the most damage with straight line winds. Most of the damage that happened to Raymond Herek's house happened Saturday morning. It left his entire street in the dark. "This is the worst I have ever seen it. It has never been this bad before," explained Herek who has lived in Plover for more than 40 years.

Meanwhile the Emergency Operations Center in Portage County has been working all weekend to ensure residents get what they need. "At this point it is basically trying to get the power back on and everyone call 2-1-1 to log the damage to their residence," explained Sheriff Mike Lukas, Portage County Sheriff's Office.

Neighbors, strangers and even businesses were helping anyway that they could after the storms which impressed even those helping manage clean up. "Neighbors helping neighbors was instrumental in recovery so far and it has been great to see and we hope that it still continues," said Bob Weinert, Portage County Emergency Management Coordinator.

There is still a long way to go in recovery but this community has showed its strength in numbers.

There have been no reports of anyone seriously hurt or killed in Portage County as a result of the storms. It is unclear if the county will receive any state or federal aid.

If you have damage that exceeds 40-percent of your property value, first call your insurance company and then report it to 211. If you are still without please be patient as may take a few more days before it is restored in Portage County. For immediate assistance always call 911.