The voice of the Colby Hornets lives on through a blood drive

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COLBY, Wis. (WSAW) -- Denis Woik was a husband, father and a dedicated employee of Liberty Mutal, but most of all he had a way of making everyone feel special.

"It was always fun to talk to him because he always made you feel like you were the most important person in the world when you were talking to him at the time," said Jim Hagen, Activities Director at Colby and a friend of Denis.

Even the students felt his impact. "I just remember growing up and going to football games and hearing him and wishing I could be on the field getting my name called. I was a sophomore when he called my name but then my junior year he was no longer doing it," said Alex Schmitt, a Senior at Colby High School.

"In the community he was very involved and he got a lot of energy from working with young people but he really found his niche when he started announcing for high school sports," explained his wife, Kris Woik.

Denis had a big impact in Colby through volunteer coaching and announcing games for nearly two decades. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November of 2017 and he wasn't given much time. "We had a gift of six months with him and we had a lot of good things with those six months. One of the things my daughters and I attribute that to was the fact he was able to get blood," said Woik.

Blood was a gift that Denis gave his whole life. "He just was a very big believer in it and there were times when he was working from home and he would go to Wausau if they needed blood that day," explained Woik.

Denis passed away on May 27, 2018 and almost a year later the family is holding a blood drive in his honor. "What a great honor to work with his family and help them fulfill his legacy of giving back to the community it's a great thing," said Becky Brown, of Versiti Blood Center Wisconsin.

The blood drive is on Saturday, May 11 at 8 a.m. at Colby High School.