The silver lining: Skiers at Granite Peak are enjoying all of the snow

RIB MOUNTAIN, Wis. (WSAW) -- Your Facebook timeline is probably filled with some unhappy people following another round of snow. However, there is a place where everyone seemed to find a silver lining Tuesday.

"Yeah, it's beautiful out, this is the fluffy stuff that we live for so it's great," said Granite Peak Marketing Director Lisa Zilinski.

Granite Peak may have been difficult to get to Tuesday, but once you got there, "This is good stuff to try on especially if you are a first-time skier. It will slow you down and it will be easy if you fall," said Zilinski.

Starting at 10 a.m., Granite Peak was packed with skiers hoping to be the first ones to create their own tracks on the fresh snow.

"I just love being outdoors and snowboarding, having the kids out in the hill. I can get them out of the house and get them away from the TV," said Eric Falkavage.

Whether you're a parent playing hockey or a kid on a snow day, skiers and snowboarders say the conditions are perfect.

"It was really cool that there was a lot of snow outside. Me and my dad always go outside and we always play in the snow, we love the outdoors," said Tyler Falkavage.

Andrew Falkavage said, "I didn't have to go to school and do work."

Granite Peak expected to get busier as the day went on.

"In comparison to years before, we are doing pretty good. We usually rely on a lot of our man-made stuff but this extra fresh stuff helps us stay open longer," said Zilinski.