The effects of COVID-19 on mental health

Published: Mar. 13, 2020 at 8:16 PM CDT
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“Uncertainty drives a lot of anxiety,” said Behavioral Health Clinic psychologist Brian Weiland.

Uneasiness can lead to a suppressed immune system.

“There is such great research out there that shows the connection between the mind and body, and so if your mind isn’t taken care of, your body shows the effects of that,” said Weiland.

The challenge is disconnecting from a topic like COVID-19 that is enveloping society.

“Maybe, set aside a couple of times in the day where you check the latest credible source,” said Weiland. “Maybe, be deliberate about those moments throughout your day instead of your whole day consisting of checking and pulling out your phone, and you're getting the latest alerts from the CDC. ”

The body’s natural reaction is to panic.

“I think a major reason why this has become so scary for the American people is because it is so unfamiliar. It’s come out of nowhere,” said Weiland.

But, there are ways to keep your mind and body healthier.

“A couple of things,” said Weiland. “One, if you're feeling nervous about something, if you're feeling anxious, make sure that you're sharing that with somebody. It's so important as humans to process through what's on our minds. The other thing is to just take care of yourself. Take care of your body.”