The Caufield brothers are back together in Madison

Published: Aug. 12, 2019 at 6:15 PM CDT
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"There's a lot of stuff to prove now, and the work all starts now," said Cole Caufield.

The grind never stops for Caufield, but recently he managed to squeeze in his first trip home to Stevens Point since being drafted to visit the youth hockey program where it all started for him.

"You know this is where your roots are, you know my dad works here," said Cole Caufield. "I spent a lot of my childhood here. I kind of developed as a person and as a player here, so I think it's always going to have a special place in my heart."

The young forward with hockey in his blood wants to be a Montreal Canadian, badly

"It's a goal of mine, and probably every kid's dream," said Caufield.

But before the NHL, he'll honor his commitment to Wisconsin for at least a year.

"I feel comfortable and ready that I could play this year," said Caufield. "But what's best for my development is a year of college, and see what happens. So you know I'm really looking forward to this year and getting to play with my brother and the great young team that we have."

Cole's older brother Brock already has a year with the Badgers under his belt, and the opportunity to fly around the ice together at the marquee collegiate hockey program in the state was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

"We're gonna have three pairs of brothers this year at Wisconsin," said Brock Caufield. "It never gets old walking to the Kohl Center, and with that many people cheering you on, it's always a special experience."

"It's been good," said Cole Caufield. "He's kind of taught me the area a little bit more, and spend some quality time with him. You know being away from him the past three years, it's been nice."

Cole and Brock are back together for at least one more year. It may be the last time they ever play organized hockey together. They plan on cherishing it.

"I mean it's fun because I like having him on the ice because he's a great player," said Brock Caufield. "But off the ice, he's my best friend, so hanging around him this whole summer has been fun. Yeah, we do a lot of stuff together, so it's been fun."

"He's taught me so many things growing up, and he's someone that I look up to the most," said Cole Caufield.