Texas family thrown from home during tornado, survives

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FRANKLIN, Texas (KBTX) - A family is lucky to be alive after an EF-3 tornado pummeled their mobile home.

A family was thrown from a mobile home during a tornado in Franklin, Texas. Everyone survived. / Source: KBTX

Seven family members were thrown from the structure, which was tossed across the street and into a tree.

The mobile home was reduced to shards of wood and rubble.

Now, all the family has is the empty space where their home once stood. They’re wondering what comes next.

"We don't know where to go from here. We're just trying to stay strong for these kids," said Shervette Witherspoon.

Witherspoon lived in the home with her sister and her family. Witherspoon wasn’t there when the tornado hit, but she said her brother-in-law and six of her nieces and nephews were.

Everyone in the home was thrown out if it and into a nearby field when the building hit the tree. One of the kids was taken to the hospital, but was released.

The rest of the family cleaned up their scattered belongings with a helping hand from the community.

"We're very thankful for everybody - all the family, friends, first responders, police, church members, school friend, everybody," Witherspoon said.

Recovery will be a long road, she said, adding that they’re still figuring out how to start over. Until then, they’ll stay with family and friends.

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