Terradea Salon ready to reopen with new safety precautions in place

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - With cleanliness and client safety always a high priority, Terradea Salon in Wausau is taking some additional precautions to help keep employees and customers healthy as they prepare to reopen.

Terradea Salon in Wausau, Wis. (WSAW photo 5/21/2020)

“This industry is very sanitary,” explained Kelly McCarthy, owner, and stylist at Terradea. “We always make sure all our tools are clean, we don’t reuse capes; everything is always sanitized. Now we’re going that extra step to make sure the doorknob is sanitized in between, chairs that people sit in are all sprayed down between, we’re not allowing more than one person in the salon at one time for an appointment; please come alone.”

In addition to those precautions, Terradea is also having clients wait outside of the building in their vehicles until the staff is ready to see them. They also have the stations spaced six feet apart and will only have three stylists working at a time to make sure everyone remains socially distanced.

Having been closed since March, the demand for appointments is high.

“We have a very, very long list of people to call back,” said Gabrielle Shier, a stylist at the salon. “We’re just going to be so busy and we have to really take our time and make sure we’re sanitizing everything and go slow, and hope people have patience with us because it’s going to be an adjustment for everybody.”

With salons having the opportunity to open as early as May 14, McCarthy and her staff decided to wait until May 26 to begin taking appointments.

“I think it was irresponsible to even consider throwing the doors open with cleaning products and sanitizers and Lysol being so hard to find,” McCarthy said. “We just wanted to be prepared.”

McCarthy says that the salon has looked at the guidelines provided by the state as well as other representatives in the salon industry. She said while the guidelines in place are helpful, she hopes to see more action from the state level.

“The guidelines would be nice, not for us so much, but for other people,” McCarthy said. “It’s easier to say ‘The state is requiring that everyone wear a mask.’ Specific guidelines, or even laws, to take away that gray area.”

One area that isn’t gray, however, is the Terradea stylist’s excitement to get back to work.

“We were away from each other for so long,” said stylist Miranda Calmes. “I’m very excited to get back to that.”

“I am very excited to see all my clients and back into it,” echoed Ali Zimmerman. “I’ve been very bored at home.”

For more information on Terradea and their services, visit their Facebook page here or call them at 715-842-8383.