Teens charged with Schofield home invasion

SCHOFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) -- The Everest Metro Police Department is identifying three of four teens charged with a home invasion.

Police said it happened around 2 a.m. Aug. 6 in Schofield. James Merchant, 19, Edward Lieder, 18, Jasper Ingalls, 19 and an unnamed 16-year-old were arrested. The 16-year-old’s name will not be released due to their age.

Court documents state the home had video surveillance. The suspects are accused of breaking into the home through a window.

Police said three individuals entered the victim’s residence without permission and assaulted an 18-year-old. The suspects left and the crime was reported.

"We're looking at a lot of juvenile drug cases where they're kind of upping the ante as far as the dangerousness to what they're doing.
Wausau had one that was involved. They were related to a shooting, then a beating and now we're seeing people going into windows of residences to rip off kids who are dealing dope," said Everest Metro Police Chief Clayton Schulz.

The teens are charged with burglary and robbery. Ingalls faces an additional charge of strangulation. The three named teens have been released on bond.