Tax experts say now is the time to prepare for tax season

(WZAW) -- With the holidays here and tax season just around the corner, it’s not just gift shopping checklists you should be concerned with. Getting organized for tax time now could make all the difference down the road.

According to a H&R Block survey of do-it-yourself tax filers, 61% of them prefer to get deadline-driven tasks done early so they’re out of the way.

The survey also found that nearly a third of DIY tax filers say they don’t do enough to save money, and 88% said they’re likely to work harder in the future to find discounts and better prices.

Considering that mentality, it makes sense DIYers find value in preparing their taxes themselves. And while the majority of respondents said asking for help is a sign of strength, nearly half said they still feel guilty about asking for assistance. As it turns out, asking for help could prevent DIY tax filers from making a costly tax mistake.

H&R Block’s Heather Watts joined NewsChannel 7 at 4 on Thursday via satellite, to share additional survey results, important things to know about self-filing your taxes and why you shouldn’t feel guilty asking for tax help.

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