Sweet endings with Wisconsin cheese

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 7:57 AM CST
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Have a sweet tooth, Wisconsin Cheese has you covered with their Mini Chocolate Covered Cheesecakes which feature award winning Mascarpone cheese --it’s rich, creamy, buttery and slightly sweet.

• When you choose Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese, you are supporting locally owned and operated family farms. Fun fact: they use 100% green power, and practice water conservation and recycling.

• It’s rich, creamy and slightly sweet; mascarpone cheese that’s crafted in Wisconsin consistently wins top honors in national competitions.

• Mascarpone is a sweet dream of spreadable cheese. Born and raised in the Lombardy region of Italy, Mascarpone is quite well-travelled these days

• Don’t over-whip or over-process mascarpone when making frostings, dips or spreads with it, because it will churn into butter and get lumpy.

Wisconsin Cheese and Brown Liquor Pairings

Gouda has a buttery and slightly sweet to caramel flavors which are perfectly matched by the sweet notes in bourbon. Pair with Candied Pecans.

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