Sunrise 7 talks with kid co-author of the 'EMS Guide to 'Star Wars'

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- May the fourth be with you. May 4 has become a day to celebrate what many people would call the masterpiece that is the 'Star Wars' series. One 11 year old boy and his father have taken their love for the films to medical and real-life measures.

Sunrise 7 spoke with Michael Friese Wednesday to hear his inspiration for the article posted on, his love for Star Wars, and how some of the deadly, and injurious scenes would be played out in real life.

Michael's father, Greg Friese, who could not make the interview due to work scheduling, is a former paramedic, and now Editor-in-Chief of He and Michael analyzed the various scenes to see why some of the characters reacted or died the way they did, and how a paramedic would need to handle a real-life version of that situation.

Michael said he has loved Star Wars for a long time. In one scene, depicting Mace Windu being electrocuted by force lightning, Michael said for a real-life situation, paramedics on the scene would have to make sure the scene was clear of people, then check to see if Windu was breathing and had a pulse.

For more scenario analysis, check out the segment video, and see the original article.