Stevens Point residents spend Tuesday digging out

A man with a curved handled snow shovel clearing snow from a brick sidewalk in Canadian winter.
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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) -- Residents in Stevens Point are digging out from all of Tuesday's snow.

People like Zachary Lehrer went out multiple times to tackle all of the snow. He said, "Just to move it the least amount of time as possible."

With nearly a foot of snow, it can be back-breaking work. "Trying to go slow because my back hurts after awhile and tomorrow we are probably going to regret this but you got to do it," said Bill Fehrenbach.

But, others saved the snow to try and get rid of it all at once. "This has been quite something today and I have waited until the end and choose to come out that one time and do all that shoveling and it has been difficult," said Bob Bugarske.

While most people spent the day shoveling, the reviews of Tuesday's snowfall are in.

Bill said, "I am actually quite happy about this snow I haven't had my fill."

"This kind of snow doesn't happen all the time but it has been fun and good time," said Bob.

But, Zachary said, "Sick of it. Definitely ready for spring."