State test scores in math, english decline, ACT score average drops to 18

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- Students across the state are struggling with English and math. Newly released test scores show drops in those areas and lower ACT scores.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released a report that shows only about 40 percent of high school age students are proficient in English and math at their grade level. That means a majority are behind.

The Wausau School District says its English and math scores are above the state average by 2 percent in math and 5 percent in English.

The district says this report is just one of the many ways they assess their students. "Every campus principal meets with the educators in their building and review the data. On an individual student basis and for the schools. Then they determine what is working for students and what are they able to do as we monitor those with state standards. We then have informal assessments that will monitor their progress along the way," said Andrea Sheridan, Director of Teaching, Learning and Leadership Integration at the Wausau School District.

The report also shows that ACT scores have declined for the second year in a row. The average ACT score was 18 last year.