State budget vote expected Tuesday

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State lawmakers are set to vote on the next budget Tuesday. But legislators on both sides of the aisle are still expressing some concerns.

The spending plan reduces spending for a number of top priorities highlight in Gov. Tony Evers' budget. It includes more spending for education, expanding medicaid, and a gas tax increase to fix Wisconsin roads.

"All of those things he laid out in the budget he may have gone about a different way, but I believe we checked the box in every single one. So this is what government looks like and no one gets what they want and I think this is something Governor Evers should sign," says Republican Rep. John Nygren.

Democratic Senator Dave Hansen counters, "they pretty much said we don't agree with anything governor, and it's almost like they said in 2022 they want him gone so they're gonna try and make him a failure. But I think he's got some good ideas and the people are behind him. About 70% support Medicaid expansion in this state and they still say no way."

Two Republican senators have already said they would vote against the plan in it's current form, leaving the GOP with the minimum of 17 votes needed to pass.

Governor Evers is expected to sign the two-year budget by June 30.