State Patrol reminds drivers of safe hauling

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- It’s that time of the year again where the warmer weather has travelers pulling boats and campers, and hauling big items along highways. So, the Wisconsin State Patrol wants to remind all drivers when pulling boats and campers out of storage, to make sure their things are hook up and tied down properly before hitting the highway.

This is part of the departments June law of the month, where the State Patrol picks one law to emphasize. Sergeant Bryan Wrycha wants drivers to be aware that losing cargo on the road not only causes damage to your things, but also makes the roads dangerous for other drivers as well.

"It causes damage to your equipment and it also creates an obstacle in the roadway. Especially on the interstate or the fast moving highways, it creates a big issue with trying to remove that equipment avoiding that equipment if you’re in another vehicle. So, it creates a hazard," said Wrycha. "We've seen anything as small as a life jacket, very common this time of year, or as big as a canoe or kayak or a trailer itself becoming uncoupled and ending up sideways in the highway. So it's very important to make sure all your cargo in your boat or your trailer is secure so it doesn't become a hazard for other passing traffic".

Wrycha advises to use ratchet straps to secure loose equipment, and make sure they're not rubbing against any sharp objects when fastened. Along with tied down cargo, officers are also asking drivers to check their tires and chains on all campers, boats and trailers before driving.

If you do lose something while driving can result in a $200 citation, and two demerit points removed to your driver’s license.