UPDATE: Special Police and Fire Commission meeting scheduled to discuss Stevens Point police chief

Published: Mar. 10, 2020 at 7:15 PM CDT
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A special meeting of the Stevens Point police and fire commission to discuss Police Chief Martin Skibba is scheduled for the week of March 16, according to city attorney, Andrew Beveridge.

Details surrounding why Skibba was put on administrative are few, outside of him being accused of possible police department rule violations.

states the public will not know while the investigation is active.

the city's police and fire commission is the entity that has the power to hire and fire police officers, as well as discipline those officers, including the chief of police.

According to the law, Skibba could request a hearing before the board. In that case, either the board or the mayor is required to file charges with the board to explain the reasons he was suspended and provide those reasons to Skibba too.

The board then has to set a date for the hearing between 10-30 days from the date it receives the charges and the hearing has to be public, which is what is scheduled for the week of March 16. If the board determines that "the charges are not sustained," Skibba would have to be reinstated and given any pay he missed while on suspension. If the charges are sustained, then he could be removed from office, suspended, demoted, or suspended and demoted.

7 Investigates reached out to the commission and Skibba for comment, but have not heard back from either. Mayor Mike Wiza, who was gone at the time of the suspension, said he could not comment.