Signs at Wausau playgrounds encourage guidelines with recent opening

Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 9:56 PM CDT
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As people return to the playgrounds in Marathon County, Parks and Recreation officials have put up signs to help encourage CDC guidelines.

"We're still encouraging the six-foot distancing, washing your hands with soap and water, using hand sanitizer, and use a mask is recommended," Parks and Recreation Director Jamie Polley said.

The playgrounds are open for the public to use. But the city and county departments wants them to know the possible risks.

"The new recommendation is that you're at your own risk, this equipment is not being disinfected, but it's no longer closed," District one Alderman Pat Peckham explained.

"We do not clean them daily or weekly, they are not disinfected, so it is play on them at your own risk," Polley added.

Families that are going to the playgrounds are excited, but are still being careful.

"We're excited to be out, but yet we still have it in the back of our head we have to be cautious. We have hand sanitizer and we use that and we make sure and we don't eat or anything like that," Wausau resident Andrea Fletcher said.

There are some limitations to the playgrounds, like the closure of the drinking fountains and some of the bathrooms at certain parks. Forcing parents to educate their children on the new changes.

"My five-year-old will be like 'It's because of the virus.' She already knows and it's kind of sad honestly," Fletcher added.

For a look at closures and any upcoming changes with the Parks and Recreation department, click


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