Sharks captain Joe Pavelski discusses Playoffs, season & more in exclusive 1-on-1

Published: Jun. 24, 2016 at 12:04 AM CDT
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It was just 11 days ago (June 12), when the Penguins finished off the San Jose Sharks in game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Sharks captain Joe Pavelski was back in town for his annual golf outing at the Stevens Point Country Club.

Proceeds from the event, dinner and auction go toward the Stevens Point Area Youth Hockey Association.

I sat down with Pavs this afternoon to talk about this past season.

Dale: How much fun was that playoff run?

Joe: It was fun. It's definitely been the best experience as far as runs go like that. When it ends it just ends. it happens so quick its disappointing. You don't have that end trophy that you wanted. Its tough.

Dale: You had a heck of a run in the first three rounds. 22 points, 13 goals. Gotta ask...only one point, one goal in the Final. What the heck happened, man?

Joe: Yeah, I don't know. It's something you can never put your finger on. Especially coming in, you've got all the confidence in the world. Pucks are going in. To all of a sudden be passing on a shot or just being that slight little bit off. Its tough, you want better.

Dale: Was it tough watching the Penguins celebrate on your home ice?

Joe: Oh yeah, its always tough when you're not there. Being that close, too, especially. It makes it that much harder.

Dale: How was year 1 of being "Captain America." The captain of the Sharks.

Joe: Year one was good. You really don't know going into it. This was my 10th year with San Jose. I knew a lot of the guys but there were a lot of questions with the new coaching staff. A few new players coming in. And then, just that leadership more public, I guess. Didn't know what way it was going to go. The guys were tremendous. There's a lot of character in that room this year. Everybody made my job pretty easy. One of the focuses was just go play. You know, we have a lot of good leaders in the room, go hold your game at a high level. Everyone followed, everyone pulled along. It was a fun year.

Dale: With the World Cup of Hockey coming up, no rest for the weary. You're almost 32. You're 10 years into your career. Is it almost too much hockey, or is it just the fact you can play it and you want to get in as much while you can?

Joe: Yeah. You want to play as much as you can. Its going to be an awesome experience. Its right up there with the Olympics, that type of tournament with the best of the best. Its at that time of the year when its training camp going on so you can use that to get into shape as well. I don't know, you get to play hockey. It will be a lot of fun.

Dale: You're on Twitter now. Is it you, or do you have someone handling your tweets?

Joe: It was a little bit of both, with the cover thing. Getting on there. But its fun. Its pick up a lot of different things from it. All of its me now, so its good.

Dale: Talk about the EA cover vote. You got all the way to the final. You lose to Tarasenko. You beat him in the Western Conference Final, I know you'd rather have that.

Joe: You know, it was just kind of a fun thing. As it kept going you started doing a few more things with it. It was fun, it was exciting to see. When you get that close, its like anything, you want to win. It would have been a neat experience, something cool. Something kind of different.

Dale: Was this a tough trim? It was getting kind of shaggy there in the playoffs.

Joe: Yeah, I would have liked to keep it. Probably if we would have won it would probably still be on. There's a few guys on our team with a long beard. Its fun. As it goes longer and longer it gets thincker. Its part of the experience.

Dale: Thank you. sir. I appreciate it.

Joe: Thanks.

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