Secretary Designee of DATCP touts Gov. Evers budget proposal

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) Secretary designee of Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection Brad Pfaff visited Wausau-- one of his many stops on his tour across the state-- to push Gov. Tony Evers state budget proposal.

In an interview with NewsChannel 7's Emily Boyer, Pfaff said, "The budget as proposed is really an investments in the state's people. This is an investment for people of all ages."

Pfaff said Evers' budget proposals target four areas in Wisconsin that have been long neglected when it comes to DATCP. Pfaff said the budget provides additional aid to family farms and includes money to bring internet and healthcare to residents in rural areas.

"The last few years our family farmers have experience very difficult challenges with the commodity prices that we currently have."
He continued... "There's a $75 million investment in broadband. It is important. Regardless of where someone lives, they need to have 21st Century technology."

Another area of the budget DATCP is supporting is on taking Wisconsin's diverse products to market outside of the state.

"It's an interconnected word and we want to be able to compete in this world so it's thinking what can we do to help our men and women business owners make this step forward?"

And making 2019 the year of clean water.

"His budget has proposed 3 million dollars worth of bonding authority so family farmers can put some infrastructure into place Gov. Evers budget does need to be approved by the legislature, which is controlled by Republicans.

Both sides have agreed on some budget priorities like addressing roads, education, and healthcare. But republicans voiced concerns this week about the potential for tax increases. Republicans and Democrats have called for bi-partisan cooperation through this process