Local schools tackle problem of canceled weather days

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- There’s enough snow in the forecast to make school closures a possibility on Thursday, but many schools have already surpassed the number of days that their school district allocates to be missed.

"So at this point, with four days that students have been off, two have been built in. And the other two we are looking to see how we are going to proceed given that there is a lot of winter left," Stevens Point School District Director of Secondary Education Connie Neegard said.

With the extra times, schools are finding different ways to hit their benchmark.

"To bring the school district up with all of the district buildings, what we're going to do is add some minutes at the beginning of their day. Parents will be notified soon that's going to take starting on Monday. So that shouldn't disrupt transportation or anything else," Merrill Superintendent Dr. John sample explained.

"Right now we're choosing not to make an exact decision, because we don't want to change calendars for kids and parents multiple times knowing that we do have a lot of winter left. But we do have some options," Neegard added.

Even though the winter has left the districts behind the eight ball, officials say that they won’t do anything to endanger students.

"Real important that we try to triangulate what the entire district looks like and make the interest the safest for our students," Dr. Sample said.

"Nothing would be worth having an accident or putting kids in danger," Neegard explained.