Sauk County dive team resumes search for 53-year-old father

PRAIRIE DU SAC, Wis The Sauk County dive team has suspended its search for a 53-year-old father of three.

Juvenile rescued from Okaloosa Island waters. (MGN)

The man went missing around 9 a.m. Saturday just below the Prairie du Sac dam after trying to save his three children in the Wisconsin River. The Sauk County Sheriff's Office said the kids swam out too far but eventually made it back to shore with their mother.

Alliant Energy lowered the dam flow to allow divers to search from before 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., when divers were too exhausted to continue safely.
Family members waited with clergy while the search went on.

Chief Deputy Jeff Spencer said the spot the man went missing is especially dangerous because of its proximity to the dam, but people should be cautious swimming at any point on the Wisconsin River.

"It's very unpredictable," Spencer said. "It's a very strong current that will take people away, and I don't think people understand and respect that."

Sauk County divers will regroup Sunday at 9 a.m. and plan to be in the water by 10 a.m. to resume recovery efforts.