Salvation Army & Housing Coalition help mother and son

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Wausau, Wis. (WSAW-) Thursday afternoon continued the Housing and Homelessness Coalition of Marathon County's 10 year plan to end homelessness with the resource lunch. In the early morning hours, a point in time search was conducted throughout Oneida, Forest, Marathon and Langlade counties.

Held at the Salvation Army Community Center, the resource lunch included a meal for those out on the streets as well as resources for recovery, health, housing and transportation to name a few.

"We're hoping that by reaching out in this way we're going to access more people and hopefully connect them to services that will help them," Executive Director for the North Central Community Action Program, Jeff Sargent said.

Two people it helped in particular were Stephanie Joslin and her son. The two were evicted from their home back in April due to having a dog, and they weren't able to find another apartment before the leave date.

Stephanie and her son were left homeless, until the Salvation Army family dorms became a new place to call home.

"They've done everything to work with us, and I've seen them do it for everyone around me. They've done everything they can to promote a healthy atmosphere for my son and I," said Joslin now a resident at the Salvation Army.

Joslin said that the Salvation Army and the Housing and Homelessness Coalition does a really good job of getting people back on their feet and giving them the resources to do so. She said as long as you are taking a hand up and not a hand out, then they will help you with anything, and that you shouldn't feel like this is the bottom step on the ladder. It's a start to a new beginning.

The point in time search that was conducted was the second one of the year. Overall, 13 people were found on the streets in Wausau and
none were found in Wisconsin Rapids, Merrill or Marshfield.